Whole30 & Weight Watchers: A Match Made in Heaven?

Here’s a confession: Part of my reason for going back to Whole30 this time around was that I wanted to lose weight before summer. Doesn’t everyone?

The thing is, though, my sure-fire way to lose weight in the past has always been Weight Watchers. So when I went for Whole30 this time around, I decided to combine the two. But can they really be a match made in heaven? Or is this a recipe for disaster?


Here’s the honest truth: I think it works!

One of the things that Weight Watchers emphasizes is eating plenty of fresh produce. The weight loss works on a points system, and fresh fruits and veggies are (for the most part) 0 points. If you fill your plate with a lot of them, it gives you leeway to eat many other things.

Whole30 works in a very similar way. We’re encouraged to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and that works highly to our advantage. Since the rules of the program are to cut out alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes and dairy, we’re pretty much left with meats and nuts. But that’s okay. As I’ve proven in the past couple of weeks, it’s easy to fill your plate with delicious food on this plan.

My usual recipe is a pan-fried steak, chicken or fish, and then some sautéed veggies on the side. When I went to track these type of meals in my WW app, they surprisingly worked out to be pretty low in points.

For instance, a 3 ounce filet mignon is 4 points. Pair that with a cup of cooked spinach, which is just 0 points, that’s a pretty healthy and low point dinner. And then pair that with a similar lunch and a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs (2 eggs is 4 points) with veggies, you’re eating pretty healthy all day. And it was all within my daily points target and also all within the Whole30 program guidelines.

When it came to doing the Whole30 and Weight Watchers at the same time, I found that they worked surprisingly well together. After all, Weight Watchers is really just a tool to help you track calories (well, points). And although that’s not really recommended or encouraged on the Whole30 program, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. I think the key, really, is to focus on the Whole30 part of it rather than the Weight Watchers part of it.

This time around, I ended up doing Whole30 for another two weeks before I gave up. I hated giving up but I have a bit too much on my plate at the moment. And… well, I also dislocated my shoulder. It’s a recurring problem and not a huge deal, but it does require me to go to the ER to get it popped back into place.

And, well, when you have a major injury, you kind of stop caring about what you’re eating. The next morning, when I woke up with a really sore arm, all I wanted was a bagel.


I pretty much spent all of last Saturday on my couch, eating my poppy bagel with cream cheese, fresh lox and tomatoes. And watching How I Met Your Mother. That’s all I wanted to do, and so that’s all I did. Maybe I was just giving myself an excuse but it’s what I needed at the time and I don’t regret it.

As for my weight loss journey, I lost almost 10 pounds this time around. I’ll be doing Whole30 (and completing it!) another time. And I’ll be continuing on with Weight Watchers, but doing my own version of clean eating and a sort-of-kind-of-mostly Whole30 plan.

In the meantime, I’m feeling pretty good about things. I’ll even be sharing a few delicious recipes with you soon, too. Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Whole30 & Weight Watchers: A Match Made in Heaven?

  1. Thanks for this post! I completed my first Whole30 this summer, and while I haven’t found a solid balance between W30 and non-summer life, I do want to try to go back to it as a regularly lifestyle choice and not just a 30-day diet. I just signed up for Weight Watchers, and I wanted to see if anyone had tried both together. Love it!

  2. Thanks for this post! I am interested in trying Whole30 and I know that Weight Watchers works for me (when I track consistently). I like the Whole30 idea of limiting certain foods and being aware of what you are consuming, but I also like the balanced approach of Weight Watchers. I am glad that you were able to successfully blend the two.

  3. 15 years ago I lost 100 pounds. Out 20 or so back on (i was down to 102 pounds). Did whole 30 only lost 6 pounds doing cross fit with it. First week on ww lost 6 pounds 39 days whole 30 only lost 6??

  4. I am currently doing both. I think it’s working so well! I’ve learned tricks to make WW work for me based on the low point meals from W30. Even after the W30 is finished (R1D12) I think I’ll be able to keep my points low on WW.

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