Whole30 Day 8: I Love Cooking Dinner with Friends

The best part about doing Whole30 the first time was that my gym buddy partnered up with me. Before we both dropped out, we spent a couple of weeks cooking together.

Sundays would typically be spent going to the gym, then grocery shopping. We would plan out our menu a couple of days beforehand, and then make breakfast and lunch for the upcoming week. It was a ton of fun and it was a ton of food.


This time around, he opted not to join me on my Whole30 journey. But we’re still gym buddies, and going to the gym with someone helps me stay on track too. One of the reasons for that is that we always plan to make dinner together afterward.

Cooking with friends is one of the things that will help me get through Whole30.

And so, last night, we continued our tradition: gym-time followed by dinnertime. My friend actually happened to have some tilapia and Brussels sprouts on hand, so we opted to make that for dinner. I used my typical salt and pepper seasoning for the fish, along with some lemon juice. And then for the Brussels sprouts, I added some compliant Adobo seasoning along with some red pepper flakes. I actually made them a bit too spicy, but they were still really great.

While I love going out and catching up with friends over dinner and drinks, I know that it’s not really possible to do that during Whole30. But cooking with friends during these 30 days is an integral part of surviving the month.

In fact, I have upcoming plans with other friends. I love making dinner for my loved ones, and there’s no easier way to both spend time with the people I want to see while also doing something nice for them. And, you know, staying compliant!

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