Whole30 Day 7: Have You Heard of Kale Sprouts a.k.a. Kalettes?

Have you heard about the hot new vegetable we’re all obsessing about?

Kale sprouts, or kalettes, are a new hybrid of purple kale and Brussels sprouts. Well, I recently got a huge shipment of these babies and I am super excited to cook with them!


Aren’t they pretty? But, most importantly, they’re really delicious.

I’ve started incorporating kale sprouts/kalettes into some of my daily recipes. Personally, I’ve been treating them either the way I would treat kale or the way I would treat Brussels sprouts. Since they’re a combo, I’ve found that was the easiest to do.

The best and easiest thing I’ve found is that simply sautéing them is a go-to solution. What I love about this is that I can add whatever spices I want. Usually I serve them with chicken or fish, and simply do a salt and pepper mix on my protein. Then I add something more interesting to the kale sprouts. Some of my favorite combos:

  • curry & turmeric
  • chili powder & garlic powder
  • smoked Spanish paprika & cumin
  • rosemary & thyme
  • organic Adobo & bay leaf
  • cardamom & cinnamon
  • dill & lemon pepper
  • ginger & sesame seeds
  • mustard & oregano
  • nutmeg & sage

I tend to like my veggies spicy and/or well-spiced. That’s why I tend to rely on some of my favorite combos above to keep these healthy and make them even more delicious than they already are. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I am cooking them with a little bit of olive oil and a little more clarified butter.

If you haven’t tried these yet, then what are you waiting for? They aren’t exactly like kale and not exactly like Brussels sprouts. If you don’t like either of them, there’s still a huge chance you will like kale sprouts. And if you do like one or both of them (like I do), then you’ll seriously fall in love with this new vegetable!

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