Whole30 Day 6: Why I Need to Have Healthy Snacks

Whelp, bad news: I’m still not feeling that great today. To be honest, I haven’t really wanted to eat anything all day. But I did snack a bit.


Something I discovered the first time that I did Whole30 was how important it was for me to always have healthy snacks around. I am one of those people that eats small meals every 2-3 hours. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it does present me with the interesting dilemma of always needing to be prepared for hunger pangs.

Here are some snacks I like having around during Whole30:

  • apples for a mid-morning / pre-lunch snack at the office
  • almond butter and baby carrots for a mid-afternoon snack
  • individual bags of mixed nuts in my purse, just in case
  • various berries and white grapes for post-dinner sweets
  • bags of cashews at home, especially for the weekends

Basically, any combination of nuts and fruit is what I go for. I love apples before lunch because they give me an extra dose of fiber after breakfast, which makes it easy for me to stay full up until I am ready for lunch.

The classic combination of baby carrots and a nut butter (especially almond butter) is a great 4 p.m. pick-me-up, especially on days that I have to go to the gym.

And then there’s what I need to have at home: berries or grapes in case I want something a little sweet after dinner and cashews for when I want to snack on the weekends or if I need something else post-dinner.

Last but not least, I find it extremely important to have individual bags of mixed nuts in my purse whenever I go out. I have a bottle of water too, of course. This helps me a lot whenever I feel thirsty and if I am feeling a bit hungry when running around the city.

Healthy snacking, for me, is an integral part of my Whole30 plan. And having the right kind of snacks around is definitely the right way to keep me on track.

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