Whole30 Day 5: The Importance of Eating Seasonally

One of the things I constantly learn and relearn is the importance of eating seasonally.

Whenever I embark on any kind of new dietary plan or restriction or, really, when I want to eat a little cleaner, going to the farmer’s market is my absolute go-to solution. And guess what I just got for the very first time?!


Here’s a confession: I’ve never cooked with ramps before. But I know how much people absolutely looooooove ramps this time of year. I’ve had them before, of course, and loved them. Yet I’ve never lucked out in finding them in the farmer’s market.

And now I finally have!

Unfortunately, when I got home from the market this morning, I started feeling sick. I had a really quick omelet for a late lunch but haven’t really had the desire to eat otherwise. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better and will be able to start cooking with my brand new batches of ramps. Excited, even when I don’t feel well.

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