Whole30 Day 3: Cooking, Cooking and More Cooking

Today feels like the first real day of Whole30 for me. Not because I haven’t been 100% compliant with the program for the past two days, but more because today is the first day that I really made food for myself all day long.

You see, my first day’s dinner was more like snacking. And my second day’s food was from a healthy, compliant restaurant in the city. But today… today it was all me. And it was a true revelation as to how this program can go for some people.


When I have tried Whole30 in the past, it was different: I partnered up with my gym buddy and we would spend our Sundays cooking for the week. We would make chilis, stews, shepherd’s pie, soups, salads and even egg muffins. Anything that would get us at least through breakfast and lunch and maybe even a few dinners.

We would cook for hours, ultimately dividing up the food and going on our merry way.

But this time is different. My gym buddy can’t join me. And so I am doing it solo this time, and it’s a very different process. For one: I’m not really eating egg muffins right now (although I do love them) because they take too much time to make on my own. For a second, I am making my meals a lot more on-the-fly than I have in the past.

I think that’s both a good and bad thing, as it’s allowing me to see a different side of Whole30. A more spontaneous side of Whole30. And spontaneity is not something that I usually do well with, but I am finding it very interesting.

As such, my spontaneous lunch today was organic canned chicken breast that I smothered with a bit of guacamole and added a pint of cherry tomatoes.

Tomatoes are pretty much my favorite vegetable ever (well, fruit, I know I know). I could eat them with anything, at any time, in any form. And so it was nice to have them early on in the program. Plus, with avocado oil, they were the perfect compliment to the chicken.


Dinner was a bit of a different story. I went to a food event with my friend Justin, where neither of us could eat anything since we’re both on Whole30 right now. Instead, we drank water and chatted and watched people eat things we couldn’t. It’s practically a miracle that neither of us caved and went for the extremely yummy-looking margaritas. But we didn’t! And I think that’s a pretty amazing testament to willpower.

After that, I headed home and decided to make myself the quickest dinner I knew: sautéed mahi mahi. This has always been my go-to when I want something fast, and I always have it in my freezer thanks to my fishing-loving dad.

And thanks to my gardening-loving mom, I also happen to have a ton of kale right now. Kale and mahi mahi? Why not?!

Using another pan and the leftover lemon juice from the fish, I sautéed some kale, added a few fresh herbs and topped it with some cashews. I wanted to add the cashews to give the dish a little extra oomph, and I am glad I did.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with both of my meals today. I think the next couple of days, based on what I have in the fridge, will be very similar. I won’t have time to grocery shop until the weekend, so here’s hoping I don’t get bored in the meantime.

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