Whole30 Day 2: Eating Out, New Cookbook & Some Hot Peppers

I remember that one of the biggest benefits of doing Whole30 before was getting much better sleep. I usually am boggled with insomnia but, after a little bit on the program, I was having the best sleep of my life. And I am anxious to get back to that.

And so last night, only my first night back on it, I had pretty good sleep. Exciting!

Otherwise, Day 2 started off pretty well. I met up with a friend for lunch at Hu Kitchen, an NYC eatery whose motto is “get back to human.” They serve food with no cane sugar, no soy lecithin, no refined sugar, no gluten, no emulsifiers and no GMOs.


All of the food is labeled, so I can see exactly what is in everything… and whether it has sugar or not, therefore whether it’s Whole30 compliant or not. I ended up going with a pork meatball, a salmon cake, some broccoli salad and a roasted squash salad.

There’s no photo of the food (sorry) but I filled up on it both for lunch and then finished the rest for dinner. It was a good meal, and I’m glad I found this spot in case I ever need to eat out again. The place is pretty delicious and healthy in general, so I’ll be going back.

After lunch, I met up with my friend Justin in Union Square park—and we spent the whole time chatting about Whole30 since we’re now both on it. He also gave me a copy of Marc Murphy’s new book, Season with Authority. How lucky am I?!

I’m already planning to use the book to cook a few things I’ve always wanted to try: mussels Provençal, duck confit and braised lamb shank. I’ll make them Whole30 compliant when needed, of course, but most of these are already good to go.


Eventually, I made it back home to my new neighborhood. I headed straight to a 24/7 produce grocery store that a friend told me about, and that’s where I fell in love with these gorgeous, colorful peppers.

I didn’t buy any yet, but I did buy a bunch of fruit to snack on.

Meanwhile, the end of the day was pretty good. My dinner leftovers were great, and I spent a relaxing evening at home. I did want to snack later in the evening, though, so I had an apple. So far, I’m not feeling that many cravings. Here’s hoping that continues!

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