Whole30 Day 10: How to Resist Temptation While Out

A couple of days ago, I detailed my extensive plan to keeping healthy by always making sure that I have healthy snacks around. Well… to be honest, all of that was put to a really hard test yesterday. A very hard, difficult test.

When you’re on a restrictive diet like Whole30, what do you do when you’re out for dinner but not actually eating dinner? How do you handle a situation in which you don’t have access to a lot of healthy food? Here’s what I found out.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering at my best friend’s choir concert in Brooklyn. I haven’t seen him perform in ages, and it was nice to also help out. But the trickiest thing is the fact that I had to be there from 6:30-9:30… and the only food available was cookies, soda and wine.

Although I was mostly distracted with my actual volunteer duties (box office) and then the concert, we did have an intermission and a gathering after the concert. I had to stand there as my friends bought wine, ate cookies, and I generally felt like crap.

What’s a girl to do?

Taking my own advice, I decided to pre-plan. I had an early lunch, then finished some of it just before heading out to the concert. I made sure to bring a bottle of water and, most importantly, I brought these 100 calorie bags of almonds. And I ate them!

During the concert, I felt some hunger pangs. It was obviously uncomfortable, but I was really glad to have had something to munch on. I know what would have happened to me had I not had something: my friend’s boyfriend briefly went out after the concert to get a sandwich at a nearby deli. If I was hungry, like he was, I would have joined him and therefore completely ruined by Whole30 plan.

Instead, I planned a head and was able to completely resist temptation. I’m quite proud of myself for it, actually. I hope I’m able to resist temptation for the rest of the time, too.

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