Whole30 & Weight Watchers: A Match Made in Heaven?

Here’s a confession: Part of my reason for going back to Whole30 this time around was that I wanted to lose weight before summer. Doesn’t everyone?

The thing is, though, my sure-fire way to lose weight in the past has always been Weight Watchers. So when I went for Whole30 this time around, I decided to combine the two. But can they really be a match made in heaven? Or is this a recipe for disaster?

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Whole30 Day 10: How to Resist Temptation While Out

A couple of days ago, I detailed my extensive plan to keeping healthy by always making sure that I have healthy snacks around. Well… to be honest, all of that was put to a really hard test yesterday. A very hard, difficult test.

When you’re on a restrictive diet like Whole30, what do you do when you’re out for dinner but not actually eating dinner? How do you handle a situation in which you don’t have access to a lot of healthy food? Here’s what I found out.

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Whole30 Day 9: How to Make Pineapple Salsa

As part of my job, I recently attended Triscuit’s #MakersOfMore event. During the event, I had the pleasure of seeing Martha Stewart personally introduce her new Triscuit flavor (coconut oil and sea salt) while also teaching the crowd what pairs best with this new cracker. And boy did we learn!

One of the best things I took away from the event (while, sadly, not being able to taste the actual cracker until I’m done with Whole30) is how to make a delicious pineapple salsa.

Here’s what I learned from Martha herself.

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Whole30 Day 8: I Love Cooking Dinner with Friends

The best part about doing Whole30 the first time was that my gym buddy partnered up with me. Before we both dropped out, we spent a couple of weeks cooking together.

Sundays would typically be spent going to the gym, then grocery shopping. We would plan out our menu a couple of days beforehand, and then make breakfast and lunch for the upcoming week. It was a ton of fun and it was a ton of food.

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Whole30 Day 5: The Importance of Eating Seasonally

One of the things I constantly learn and relearn is the importance of eating seasonally.

Whenever I embark on any kind of new dietary plan or restriction or, really, when I want to eat a little cleaner, going to the farmer’s market is my absolute go-to solution. And guess what I just got for the very first time?!


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Whole30 Day 4: 15-Minute One-Pot Chicken & Kale Recipe

Today was a great day! I discovered a great new recipe that I am dying to share with you all. Now, this isn’t your typical ah-mazing recipe… it’s meant to be easy, simple and no-thinking-allowed type of thing. In fact, I think anyone and everyone can make this one.

I’ve always loved one-pot recipes. So when I realized that I was planning to have chicken and kale for lunch today, an idea struck: why not make it the easiest recipe ever?

And so I did!
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Whole30 Day 3: Cooking, Cooking and More Cooking

Today feels like the first real day of Whole30 for me. Not because I haven’t been 100% compliant with the program for the past two days, but more because today is the first day that I really made food for myself all day long.

You see, my first day’s dinner was more like snacking. And my second day’s food was from a healthy, compliant restaurant in the city. But today… today it was all me. And it was a true revelation as to how this program can go for some people.

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Whole30 Day 2: Eating Out, New Cookbook & Some Hot Peppers

I remember that one of the biggest benefits of doing Whole30 before was getting much better sleep. I usually am boggled with insomnia but, after a little bit on the program, I was having the best sleep of my life. And I am anxious to get back to that.

And so last night, only my first night back on it, I had pretty good sleep. Exciting!

Otherwise, Day 2 started off pretty well. I met up with a friend for lunch at Hu Kitchen, an NYC eatery whose motto is “get back to human.” They serve food with no cane sugar, no soy lecithin, no refined sugar, no gluten, no emulsifiers and no GMOs.

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