10 Healthiest Latin Fast Foods Under 500 Calories


I’ve had a pretty busy week and, because of that, I haven’t had time to put anything down. In fact, I haven’t even had time to cook anything–and sometimes that means relying on getting food that’s a bit faster.

As someone who’s lived through the obesity epidemic myself, and who is always trying to get other Latinos to make healthier choices, I hate to admit that sometimes fast food is just the best option. The thing is, though, just because it’s “fast food” doesn’t mean that it can’t be at least moderately good for you–and low in calories.

That’s how I came up with this list of 10 Latin fast food dishes that are actually under 500 calories. Isn’t that amazing? From Panera’s Black Bean Soup to Subway’s 6″ Turkey Jalapeño Melt sandwich, check out the full list! Continue reading

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