The 10 Unhealthiest Ways to Lose Weight

ChickenPurplePotatoesVeggiesWhen I was 16, I remember trying to lose weight in what I now know is one of the unhealthiest ways–with diet pills. Shortly before that, I lost weight by skipping breakfast and only having a soda for lunch at school.

It wasn’t until I joined Weight Watchers in college, and eventually started to eat healthier foods and cook meals for myself, that I learned what real weight loss was all about–more about cutting calories and filling yourself up with nutrient-rich foods than “easy” short-cuts.

But, on days that I am frustrated by the numbers on the scale, I sometimes wish I had a secret way to drop 5 pounds. On those days, I like to remind myself that patience and healthy eating doesn’t come easy–and that there are some very, very bad ways to try to lose weight. In a story on, I explored some of the unhealthiest ways to lose weight. This is NOT advice, mind you, but just a reminder that while eating healthy isn’t always easy at least you’re not doing something that’ll damage you instead! Continue reading

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