Whole30 Day 1: Asparagus, Joining the Gym & a Small Dinner

I’ve been thinking about restarting Whole30 for a while now. After attempting (and quitting after 15 days) back in January and an ever shorter attempt #2 back at the start of April, I still wanted to do it. I wanted to go the entire 30 days and see what happens.

And so, on a whim, I restarted it today.

My best friend Justin (who actually edited the Whole30 cookbook) started it on Saturday, and totally inspired me to do it again.

Whole30-Day1-Lunch Continue reading

Chayote Kale Breakfast Smoothie

HealthyLatinFood_KaleChayoteSmoothieRemember when, last week, I discovered the “Latin” produce section at my local grocery store and went gaga over the jicama? Yes, I’m sure you do–my Mexican Cole Slaw was the oh-so-yummy result.

Well, this week is a very similar story. Only this time my love affair started with chayote.

Chayote, which originated in Mexico but has since spread all over Latin America, is a member of the gourd family along with melons, cucumbers and squash. However, I find that its texture and flavor is a little similar to pears–and that’s why I decided to make a smoothie out of it.

After the delicious success of my Kale Avocado Smoothie, I knew I wanted to try another one with kale, too. I have to say, I love the extra bit of sweetness that the chayote brought to this breakfast smoothie. I would definitely try this one again, and maybe even with a bit more chayote than the first time.  Continue reading

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