5 Things Friday (Spring Recipes, Slow Cooker Reviews & More!)

smoothiesI have to admit: this week has turned out great for me! After a way-too-hectic last week, I’ve thankfully had time to recharge my batteries and get back to the things I love to do (and eat) on a regular basis. Plus: two pretty big accomplishments!

First of all, I’ve started making morning smoothies again. I’ve realized that I just don’t have time in the morning for a proper breakfast and so getting back to making smoothies, like my Pink Power Breakfast Smoothie, has been amazing.

The other accomplishment is that after months of talking about it, I’ve finally rejoined the gym and started going on a regular basis. It’s been harder than I realized, but going in the mornings and committing to just 20 minutes a day has been achievable. Not easy, of course, but definitely getting better–and I’m so proud of myself for it!

So what else has been going on this week? Well, I’ve reviewed some slow cookers, read a really great book, explored some Spring recipes and got inspired to cook a very special dinner later tonight. Check out my 5 Things Friday!

1. Oven Roasted Cauliflower: I can never know where inspiration will strike from, and this week’s cooking inspiration came from Andrew. He mentioned not having a lot of cauliflower in his life and I, of course, decided to rise to the challenge. I immediately found (and fell in love with) this recipe from Gina of SkinnyTaste.com, one of my favorite food blogs, but I’ll be altering it a bit by topping it with Manchego cheese instead of Parmigiano Reggiano. In fact, I can’t wait to make it tonight along with another very special topping. I’ve forgotten how much I love cauliflower, and this is the perfect way to dig in again.

2. Which Slow Cooker Works Best?: This is a story that I recently did for TheLatinKitchen.com, where I tested three different slow cookers to see which one works best. It was one of the more fun projects that I’ve ever worked on and, as a huge slow cooker aficionado (check out my Slow Cooker Ranchero Bean & Turkey Soup!), it was great to see which one is the one for me–or the one for you!

3. One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life by Winnie Abramson: I’ve been saying for years that all it takes is one little step at a time to get healthier. First, I started drinking water all the time, then I started to eat an apple a day, then I started to try new vegetables, and now I consider myself a pretty healthy person. That’s why I’ve loved reading this book, because it both reminds me to keep doing the healthy things I already do, and also it’s a good reminder of the extra things that I could be doing. It’s written in an easy, conversational style. I recommend it!

4. 29 Gorgeous Green Recipes to Get You Excited About Spring: I’m a pretty hardcore fan of Buzzfeed’s food section, and it’s no wonder with stories like these! I honestly can’t tell which of these recipes I’m most excited to try, but it just might be the roasted spring veggie & quinoa tacos. Oh wait, there’s also the spring vegetable paella and so many more to try. Let’s dig in!

5. 9 Health Problems You Can Treat with Exercise: It was great for me to read this story the week that I started exercising again, because it was just a nice reminder of why I need to be exercising in the first place. #1 & 2 on that list the affect me? Definitely anxiety and sleep problems, and both are being helped!

What interesting thing are you reading or cooking this week?

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