5 Things Friday (Exercise and Caffeine, Best Restaurants & More)

IMUSAMcCorcmickI would say that May is off to a good start, don’t you think? The weather here in New York is vastly improving and between me exercising more these days and eating vegetarian at least a few days a week, I am feeling pretty great.

I did have a big scare with my weight last weekend, though. I hadn’t stepped on a scale since early April and the number I saw was completely unacceptable. Although I am still within my normal range, I am starting to get to a number I really do not like. It’s what I think everyone who has lost a significant amount of weight would say is their “scary number”, the number where everything starts to really go south. But instead of completely freaking out, I am doing something about it this week. And all of that includes having more Latin superfoods, easy lunches, drinking my greens and more. Check out what I’m reading in this week’s 5 Things Friday–and what you can be doing, too! 

1. 10 Latin Superfoods to Make Your Hair Grow Long: This is a piece I just wrote for Latina.com because it’s something I have been thinking about lately. Although typically I like to keep my hair short since I color it a lot, right now I am trying to grow it out. So, coincidentally, it’s time to start eating more avocado, salmon and everything else on this list. Take a look!

2. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with IMUSA & McCormick: I was sent a few products to review for this Cinco de Mayo with #IMUSA5deMayo, specifically some cooking materials from IMUSA (quesadilla maker, tortilla press, tortilla warmer and lime squeezer) and some spices from McCormick (taco seasoning, cumin, chili powder, cilantro and oregano). So, for this Cinco de Mayo, I opted to have a small dinner with friends at my house the night before to try out these products. Since it’s almost summer, I made the Mango Chicken Quesadillas recipe–and everyone loved it! Making the quesadillas in the quesadilla maker was really easy, and swapping out fresh cilantro for the McCormick dried cilantro (1 teaspoon) and the Tabasco for McCormick chili powder (1/2 teaspoon) was really easy. Next time I’ll even try making my own tortillas, I think!

3. Drink Your Greens: In case it wasn’t already obvious, I am a big fan of kale (like my Fresh Kale Salad with Queso Blanco) and smoothies (like my Avocado Star Smoothie). So, of course, I was quite excited to read this piece in The New York Times about drinking your greens. It actually inspired me to work on some more green smoothie recipes of my own–so stay tuned to see what I come up with!

4. 12 Spanish & Latin Restaurants Make The World’s Top 50 List: Want some travel inspiration? I do! Whenever I am looking for the next place I want to go, I start with the list of 50 best restaurants in the world. This year’s list includes some gems from the likes of Spain, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. So where will you go to next?!

5. Does Exercising After Drinking Caffeine Really Help?: This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while, since I’m currently really pushing myself to start a significant exercise program. Typically the only time I have to workout is in the mornings, and it can be a struggle to figure out the answer to “do I head to the gym before or after my morning coffee?”. Well, now it seems we have an answer to this very important question!

Has your week been filled with greens and healthy lunches?

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