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If you want to know more about my work as a journalist, web editor and food writer, feel free to check out my portfolio website.

If you’d like to talk about weight loss, healthy cooking or anything else related to Healthy Latin Food, then feel free to e-mail me here.

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hey Irina!

    Casey showed us your website when she was with us in Baltimore doing a Stephanie Kantis trunk show at our store, JG Sassy. I am SO EXCITED to dive into some of your recipes! I have teamed up with a friend of mine who lives right around the corner and we are going to take turns cooking healthy for each other. Keep the recipes coming PLEASE!

    • Thanks, Christina! That’s SOOO sweet of you. I’ll definitely keep the recipes coming, especially after I move. I hope you enjoy some of the ones I currently have up! 🙂 And that’s great about teaming up with a friend to cook healthy, it’s always a GREAT idea to have a support system like that.

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