Whole30 & Weight Watchers: A Match Made in Heaven?

Here’s a confession: Part of my reason for going back to Whole30 this time around was that I wanted to lose weight before summer. Doesn’t everyone?

The thing is, though, my sure-fire way to lose weight in the past has always been Weight Watchers. So when I went for Whole30 this time around, I decided to combine the two. But can they really be a match made in heaven? Or is this a recipe for disaster?

Whole30-WeightWatchers Continue reading

And I’m Back!

Hey guys, I know I’ve been absent for a while… but I’m back!

I won’t bore you with a ton of stupid explanations. All you really need to know is that life has been busy and, while it’s busy still, I really miss writing here. So now I will!


You can expect more great original recipes from me, of course, but also something else…

I’ve decided to expand some of the things I write here. I mean, sure, recipes are great. We all love recipes. We all love learning how to make our favorite Latin dishes healthier, or how to incorporate Latin ingredients and techniques into other healthy recipes. And I love doing that. But I also love something else: writing about my weight loss, how I (try to) keep the weight off and what’s going on in the world of health and healthy eating.

And to be honest, I miss writing about those things. So why not do it here?

The other thing I should probably confess is that I am not exactly at the weight that I want to be. I’ve hinted about it before, but I am finally really ready to do something about it.

I rejoined Weight Watchers recently, and am pretty committed to more healthy cooking and some serious clean eating. I’ve even managed to lose some weight since, but I definitely have some ways to go. And I can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Want more Healthy Latin Food? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And if you have any questions about my writing, weight loss or recipes, feel free to email me here!

10 Ways You’re Making Your Kids Fat

photo-1I love my family. We all do. But I also know that, when it comes to any family, there are some habits that we have that just aren’t really the best.

You know what I mean–from keeping chips in the house to boring old cereal for breakfast to always making your kids clear the plate, there’s definitely a few habits that we all have that we should quit.

Trust me, I know, because although I don’t have kids, these are all the things I had to start telling myself in order to lose weight. Read on for what I mean in the 10 Ways You’re Making Your Kids Fat. Continue reading

10 Healthiest Latin Fast Foods Under 500 Calories


I’ve had a pretty busy week and, because of that, I haven’t had time to put anything down. In fact, I haven’t even had time to cook anything–and sometimes that means relying on getting food that’s a bit faster.

As someone who’s lived through the obesity epidemic myself, and who is always trying to get other Latinos to make healthier choices, I hate to admit that sometimes fast food is just the best option. The thing is, though, just because it’s “fast food” doesn’t mean that it can’t be at least moderately good for you–and low in calories.

That’s how I came up with this list of 10 Latin fast food dishes that are actually under 500 calories. Isn’t that amazing? From Panera’s Black Bean Soup to Subway’s 6″ Turkey Jalapeño Melt sandwich, check out the full list! Continue reading

20 Latin Superfoods to Try For National Nutrition Month (with recipes!)

juicingYou already know that I love juicing (have you seen my Juicing 101 story?), but there’s something else that I love even more: eating (and also drinking) Latin superfoods!

For me, one of the most important parts of living a healthy life is incorporating as many high-nutrient foods as I possibly can. When I started losing weight and stopped being a picky eater, I made the conscious effort to start eating more of these on a regular basis–and it has definitely paid off with my health and waistline!

These days, whether I am cooking or juicing, I try to use as many Latin superfoods as I possibly can. Sometimes that means including avocados, other times it’s all about quinoa, and sometimes I just can’t get enough of black beans. Having the healthy recipes to utilize some of these is pretty key, too. In fact, in honor of National Nutrition Month, I’m putting together the full list of my 20 favorite Latin superfoods–with recipes! Continue reading

The 10 Unhealthiest Ways to Lose Weight

ChickenPurplePotatoesVeggiesWhen I was 16, I remember trying to lose weight in what I now know is one of the unhealthiest ways–with diet pills. Shortly before that, I lost weight by skipping breakfast and only having a soda for lunch at school.

It wasn’t until I joined Weight Watchers in college, and eventually started to eat healthier foods and cook meals for myself, that I learned what real weight loss was all about–more about cutting calories and filling yourself up with nutrient-rich foods than “easy” short-cuts.

But, on days that I am frustrated by the numbers on the scale, I sometimes wish I had a secret way to drop 5 pounds. On those days, I like to remind myself that patience and healthy eating doesn’t come easy–and that there are some very, very bad ways to try to lose weight. In a story on Latina.com, I explored some of the unhealthiest ways to lose weight. This is NOT advice, mind you, but just a reminder that while eating healthy isn’t always easy at least you’re not doing something that’ll damage you instead! Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of The Search for the Weight Watchers Chef on ABC’s The Chew

TheChewTapingIn January 2005, weighing in at 231.6 pounds, I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting for the first time. I was 18 years old and finally decided that it was time to lose weight.

Although my weight loss journey has been pretty up-and-down ever since, I’m happy to be keeping most of that weight off now. And how do I do it? I have a combination of tools: my gastric bypass, learning to cook healthy and, of course, continuing to seek support at Weight Watchers meetings.

As I started to share more of my healthy eating adventures here and on Twitter, it seems that I struck a spark with Weight Watchers themselves. Thanking me for my devotion to the company and a healthier lifestyle in general, they surprised me with something that I considered pretty darn cool: an invitation to watch a taping of ABC’s The Chew as Weight Watchers hosted a competition to find the “Weight Watchers Chef”. So exciting! Continue reading

5 Things Friday (Easy Weeknight Meals, Gymtimidation & More!)

fishkalesaladThis week was a very significant moment for me: a few days ago it was the five year anniversary of my gastric bypass. I can’t believe the crazy journey it has been, from losing 100 pounds to learning to eat new foods to getting a degree in health coaching to falling in love with cooking healthier.

Case in point: this week I went over to my friend’s apartment and made dinner. He absolutely loved the mahi-mahi and fresh kale salad with queso blanco that I prepared. I even lucked out because he happened to be in the mood for kale, so I definitely did good. The next thing on my list? Check out some healthy recipes and get to cooking more this year! Here are some ideas that I’m starting with, including a favorite new cookbook. Continue reading

Check Me Out in the February Issue of Latina & as a Featured Panelist in #FoodFri on 1/10!

PuntoOne of the happiest days of my recent life was when I was asked to write the back page of Latina’s February 2014 issue.

Featuring pop stars Jasmine V and Becky G on the cover, it’s our first ever social media issue–and they wanted me to write about the power of Latina bloggers! Obviously, I was thrilled and I’ve been waiting in anticipation ever since to share the news with you! And now here it FINALLY is.

It’s always a crazy dream when your full-time job recognizes your fun side project, and I’m so incredibly happy because I honestly just love both so much. So run–don’t walk!–to get the latest issue of Latina. And don’t forget to check out the full list of 37 Latina Bloggers You Need To Know in 2014, which includes some of my really good friends!

The other exciting news that I wanted to share with you is that I’ve been asked to be a featured panelist in this week’s #FoodFri Twitter Chat from @MomsRising! Starting at 1 p.m. on January 10th, join me on Twitter as I answer all kinds of questions about weight loss and healthy eating. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity to connect with more people and, if I can, help those struggling on their weight loss journeys. So come and chat with me and @MomsRising during #FoodFri this Friday! Check out their full announcement about the #FoodFri Tweetchat on MomsRising.org. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Resolutions: #Healthy365Photos

green juiceIt’s been almost a week since the start of the new year so, I’m assuming, we’re all keeping up with our healthy goals for 2014, right?

Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s Resolutions or not, it’s hard to get away from the healthy eating frenzy that happens come very January 1st. From articles on how to exercise better, to magazines touting easy weight loss to healthy snack commercials all of a sudden appearing on your TV, eating healthy is everywhere this time of year. And it’s no wonder: most of us probably gained a pound or two from indulgences over the Holidays!

And whether you gained weight or not, the new year typically marks a fresh start and a new commitment to (in general) being a better person.

But then what happens a week, two weeks, a month in? Typically, most of us can’t keep up with the promises we made ourselves on January 1st, so we fall off the wagon. This year I have a cure for that, though. And it’s pretty simple. I’m calling it #Healthy365PhotosContinue reading

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