5 Things Friday (Cameron Diaz, Childhood Obesity & More!)

tacoalpastorOkay, it’s time for 5 Things Friday and this is typically the time that I overshare a little bit. And I think that’s okay, right? You’re not judging me, are you? Anyway…

I’m loving life right now. Ever since my birthday, I think that things have been going really well for me. The only caveat? I’m not actually at the weight that I want to be at. Back when I lost over 100 pounds, the lowest I got down to was 120 pounds. It was a bit too much for me, actually, but I was happy to be in the 130’s range. These days, though, I have to admit something to you: I’m in the low 140’s range. And that’s really cool not with me. Which is why, with my birthday and everything, I am really going back to healthier eating and going to the gym. Think I can do it? I’m not sure. But here’s hoping! And here are some awesome links that I’m reading this week, too.

1. 53 Signs You Grew Up Eating Mexican Food: This is just a funny list post from Buzzfeed but, even as a Cubana, I can definitely associate! I may not have grown up with every single one of these things but some of them are pretty pan-Latin. And definitely all of them are extremely funny!

2. Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Sliders: My favorite recipe from the 10 Latin Bean Recipes story on TheLatinKitchen.com, I’m really excited to try making some sliders soon. I actually got a little slider press and–lo and behold!–this recipe came into my view. I think they’ll also be pretty perfect for a Meatless Monday celebration, no?

3. The Body Book by Cameron Diaz: Although I’m enjoying reading some fiction right now, I am also kind of obsessed with this science-based book from Cameron Diaz. I mean, who knew that the Cuban-American actress had all of this in her? I am actually pretty intrigued as I read on to find out the biology that makes our bodies–and how we can really keep them going strong in the long run.

4. 31 Delicious Things To Cook In March: I’ve come to really love and appreciate Buzzfeed’s inclusion of seasonal veggies at the start of every month–and this is no different. And since March is my birthday month, no least, I am extremely excited to try some of these recipes! My favorite on this list is the beer-battered fish tacos (obviously) but there are a ton of other veggie-full recipes to try, too. 

5. The #1 Reason Why Latinos in Big Cities Struggle to Eat Healthy: This is actually a piece that I wrote for Latina.com a little while back that I felt like I had to share. Childhood obesity, and especially in the Latino community, is such a huge issue. I can’t stop reading everything I can about it. And, trust me, you should to.

What has been going on in your week this week?

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